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Brief History

Mashin Sazi Tabriz

General outline of MST (MACHINE SAZI TABRIZ) Professional Industrial activities commenced in year 1967 o­n nationwide basis both in designing and manufacturing the machine tools MST is the o­nly comprehensive equipped industrial complex not o­nly in IRAN but in middle east territory, holding notable engineering science with technical working group and operational team in field of material, technology � processing, manufacturing and assembly. the main products range consist of CNC and universal milling , CNC Vertical and Horizontal milling , CNC and universal lathes , Grinding , Drilling Machines Vertical and Horizontal machining center. Moreover, advisory in selection and purchase of transfer of technology, installation of production lines.

Projects execution, research for production methods , overhauling and renovation of machineries industries industrial equipments , promotion of automation level of existing machines , consultation and evaluation of technical Know � How of the industrial products . Fabrication facilities with help of testing and N.D.T standards according to DIN � ASTM- ISO-BS-JIS �CSN MST possess unique and powerful hard ware facilities, software centers, technical training center, precise calibration, R& D Dept.


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