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Welcome to web site of MACHINE SAZI TABRIZ GROUP.

Machine Sazi Tabriz Group (M.S.T.) with more than four decade production background of various machine tools and presentation of regular after sales services o­n country level and its effective presence in field of manufacturing , sales and after sales services plus training of various CNC machines with presenting special services in connection with industries infrastructure and procurement of the total machines and related equipments from the stage of identification to processing along with installation and commissioning together with technical services after sales has been carrying out successfully.

Machine Sazi Tabriz Group with active participation executes the production turn-key projects for equipping the complexes of repair workshops and machining center workshops.

This company by possessing the updated technology with acceptable quality , standard and competitive price and through reciprocal cooperation with the reputable manufacturers are of the disposal of local and foreign end users.

MST Co. based o­n its sales market development o­n international basis forpromotion and distribution of its manufactured products and engineering services is accepting from various countries the dealers and agents.
We are pleased to announce that Machine Sazi TAbriz Group ( Public Co. ) with remarkable background in production of machine tools in Iran for the purpose of updating its information data bank for necessary programming to cooperate in future has planned to identify the reputable machine tool producers o­n international basis.


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