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Training Services

MST Educational Services

 Training and research center the total training services of the company are carried out through training and research center. This center simultaneously with establishment of company in year 1967, started its training activities for the purpose of upgrading the required manpower. This center with development of possibilities and activities in later year, by occupying the educational space of 12000 sq. mtr., was able to participate in obtaining considerable share by training and procuring industrial technical forces and different concerned organizations. In the course of presenting sales and after sales services of products , this training center , facilitate free of charge operator ship , programming of CNC machine tools courses for customers and execute the laid planning , moreover , it present its entire readiness for regular technical assistance . This center with its expanded possibilities of hardware and software considering that technical experts and existing facilities , specialty in field of CNC machine tools , hydraulic , pneumatic , electronic are ready to the essential potentialities presenting training services , and was able to provide the advantageous services to the countries industries.


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