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Metrology , in the destination of engineering is concept for understanding better the length measurement , angle , and the measurement which denotes in form of linear or angle , which is a process for comparison . The act of comparison is carried out by measurement tools which specifies the difference of paradox quantity and standard.
Measurement tools are devices which compose the measurement control system , and entire of this system is reliable when the total measuring tools under the determined and specified range limit is authentic and accordingly act upon the given data . Due to the frequent usages of measuring tools, they lose their accuracy and minute settings therefore the regular calibration with programming for such toolings are necessary .
Calibration means the complex of accurate measurement operation through which the inputs and outputs of o ne measuring device with o ne known international standard is compared and the errors or defects of equipments and tools are determined and finally it's adjusted .
In other words, calibration means to level the sizes with tolerances for setting - up o ne master measuring device precisely and the authencity of which are guaranteed by the defined characteristics of the manufacturing unit or plant.
It is vivid that the successful operation of each product depend upon the accuracy and authenticity of working range from each of the measuring device and control in production process and calibration of measuring devices make available such assurance that the manufactured products are under the defined framework result favorably with necessary required quality .

- Master calibration
- Calibration of total precise measuring tools
- Control and measurement of precise parts and precise fixtures
- Calibration of special measuring tools (Control Gauges )
- Other inspection services, control and quality inspection
- Execution of entire measuring services during the process of manufacture and assembly of sets and machinery .


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