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Technical and Engineering Services


Technical and rebuilding services of machinery for the purpose of increasing the quality factor and accelerating the presentation of technical and engineering services and after sales of produced and non- produced products targeted for the complete satisfaction of customers by benefiting the experts groups and given below for presenting services .

- Installation and start-up
Installation and start-up of various universal machines , semi -automatic , CNC and production lines consisting layout preparation stages and machines arrangement , presentation of foundation drawings , and related equipments , supervision o n cement concrete pouring and foundation and standard transport and handling of machines operations.

- Repair and maintenance
Consist of repair and solving occurred defects in produced and non-produced machines of mst , presentation of preventive maintenance program , and weekly monthly , yearly programmed plan , overhaul of machinery , execution of hardening operation , and guide ways of machines , preparation of suitable operatorship , with pm preventive instructions maintenance repairs after sales services.

- Overhaul & Reconstruction
Consists of basic repairs and complete disassembly of machines , change of parts , repair of damaged areas , hardening operations and grinding of rails surfaces , installation of equipments and electronic measurement systems , digital Read out (DRO) o n machines , replacement of old control systems of CNC machines with siemens , Haiden hain , Fagor and … controllers , change and modification of universal and Semi-automatic machines into full automatic CNC machines , equipment installation of micro PLC o n machines and changes by updating the electrical boards.

- Inspection and technical supervision
Consist of inspection of machines condition (situation) , preparation of reports and technical analysis , issuance of accuracy sheet for machines , supervision o n performance of repair & maintenance contracts , analyzing and presentation of suitable systems for repair and maintenance of equipments and companies , organizations machinery.

- Designing and consultancy
Designing of equipments , special application of accessories for machines , presentation of technical consultancy in field of selecting suitable machines o n equipments for production lines , optimizing the operation efficiency of the machine existing in production line , methods of repair … maintenance , haiden hain , installation , fagor ets … change of manual , semi automatic machines into full automatic CNC machines , installation of micro PLC o n machines and changes by updating the electrical boards.


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