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Side Services

Laboratory Services :

 Metallography Laboratory 
 1- Determination of microscopic structure of various parts: cast ( gray , white , malleable , ductile , heat , resistance alloy , erosion , friction ) .
2- Determination of steel - alloyed copper and aluminium parts structure through microscopenery unit .
3- Carl ziess this illuminated microscope by magnifying scale of 50�1600 is equipped with CCD Camera and computer system by related soft wares for photography and print and metallalurgy inspection .
Spectrometric Laboratory 

This lab is equipped with Spectrometer - Hilger and is capable of analysis via spreaded means the metal material in iron tripod , aluminium copper and related alloys with them up to dimension of 25 -120 mm , thickness of 2-130 mm and determines the percentage of element composition , the laboratory units of induction furnance " liftu mat - met 3/ 3 vac is also for determination of analysis of metal waste "scratch " by remelting the metal scrap in vaccum atmosphere of Argon Gas and melting centrifuge in mould and prepration of samples for spectromectric analysis .
Chemical Laboratory 

This section is regularly active by presentation of various chemical analysis and break down methods application .
Determination of raw material analysis 

Determination and analysis of chemical composition of refractory clay , ferroalloys - carbon material - additive material in mixture of sand , bentonite , dextrine , etc... 
Analysis of various casts , and other alloyed material by shiniter method , determination of Si -P -Mu element percentage in metals through : Spectrophotometer unit and measurement carbon and sulphur via sterline unit Sand lab. Sand lab. unit holding the appropriate equipments is

active in below given fields : 

1- Determination of granules , shape of granule , percentage of Micro Sand , Zinter spot in various sand 
2- Determination of penetration , resistance to elasticity , bending , pressure and cutting , hot elasticity resistance , capability of moulding in various sand mixture through unit equipped with GF .

Heat Treatment
Heat treatment workshop of M.S.T GROUP has varities of capabilities in field of heat treatment and engineering level .
This workshop is equipped with Gas carborization furnances from " AICHELIN ", heat treatment furnances , furnances with different sizes in field of peeling operation , heat treatment by method of induction for various rotary axis u parts , sand blast operation , presses for preventing unadjustability various fix and portable units for roughness testing in Rockwell and Vickers , as well technical potentialities in field of technology consultancy has the significant value.


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